Met Gala ’17: Best Dressed

I am so excited for this year’s MET costume exhibition! Check out my article about this year’s theme, Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons: The Art of In-Between. But of course, we’re all waiting for the Met Gala, where celebrities dress to well beyond the nines and to the theme!

Here are my favorites of this year:


Rita Ora

Rita’s look was a stunning combination of cool and elegant. The theme of Comme des Garcons is clearly seen, as well as Rita’s sexy personal style. I love the contrast of the red fabric wrapped around the body and the pink tones at the bottom of the dress. The coolest part of Rita’s look is definitely her hair- individual pieces of hair wefts were stuck together to make a futuristic blonde cap.


Kylie Jenner

Kylie did a spin on her typical body-hugging and sexy dress with this piece that gives me a nautical feel. The body material of the dress reminds of marine netting, while the embellishments look like shells. I think that the best part of this dress is the unique tassels and the material, which makes it look futuristic and like a piece of art.


Gigi Hadid

The asymmetry of Gigi’s dress is gorgeous and emphasizes both the structured suit jacket-style side as well as the long, flowy material on the other side. The color is perfect for this dress and lets the unique design shine through. However, the one thing I didn’t like about this styling was the black stocking and black pump. Because the leg is on display, I think that no stocking and either a stand-out shoe or plain nude shoe would’ve complimented the dress better.


Nicki Minaj

I love this kimono-esque look on Nicki! The asymmetry of the cape is absolutely gorgeous with its adornment of flowers, ruffles, and jewels.  I think that this piece could’ve gone completely downhill if it wasn’t for the strategic placement of all of the embellishments, contrasting materials, colors, and styling. My favorite part of this dress is the obi-style belt that depicts Rei Kawakubo’s head.


Janelle Monae

This dress’ silhouette reminds me of the daring silhouettes of some of Rei Kawakubo’s designs. But the white color also reminds me of clouds and comes straight from a dream. I think the shape of the bottom with the contrasting top and feather neck-piece makes a beautiful balance.

Mandy Moore

Although Mandy’s dress seems plain, I think that it embodies the all-black movement that CdG has introduced. The stand-out aspects are the detailed 3-D fabric designs and the unique asymmetry of the sleeves. This was a perfect combination of CdG inspiration and Mandy’s own simple style.


Halle Berry

While seems like the “naked dress” is still popular, Halle’s look focuses more on the artistry of the dress, rather than her body (although she looks amazing!!). I really like the way the fabric at the bottom of the dress is laid out in a way so that it looks like a sea with waves of gold. The body of the dress gives me forest-nymph vibes since the body looks like a tree with gold fungi placed perfectly. This mix of nature and avant-garde design makes this dress stand out to me.


Ashley Graham

Ashley’s dress is a classic, elegant gown with a twist- unique, geometric ruffling at the bottom trailing up to the shoulder. This design is not only so cool and different, but it also accentuates her figure and compliments the idea of the original, classic dress. The cream and red combo is also a classic, yet makes the dress stand out.


Solange Knowles

This is my second favorite look! Solange opted for a jacket over a shirt and pants rather than a dress, but this look completely embodies the inspiration of CdG and avant-garde design. The jacket is a spin on the classic trench coach- the futuristic material and minimal and modern design makes this look pop out from the sea of colorful gowns in the Met Gala. Although the jacket is my favorite part, the shoes are a close runner-up. I thought the cut out in the wedges were really unique, but I just realized that the heel actually resemble the blades of ice skates!




I am so so in love with Rihanna’s look! From her pink blush to the CdG piece to her red strappy sandals, this look is well thought out and balanced. Critics often say that Rei Kawakubo’s designs are unwearable, but Rihanna shows that she can wear the piece, and not let the piece wear her. This was definitely my favorite look from this years Met Gala!

Overall Thoughts:

I was super excited for the Met Gala looks this year due to the theme, but to be honest, I was a little disappointed at the small number of attendees that actually dressed to the theme. Of course, if I like the dress, I like it, but I would’ve enjoyed seeing more unique looks, even if I didn’t personally liked them. The theme was a great opportunity for celebrities to step out of their comfort zones, have fun, and not worry about criticism.




Met Gala ’17: The Art of In-Between

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 5.41.22 PM

This year’s Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute exhibit is entitled The Art of In-Between, and celebrates Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo and her ability “to challenge conventional notions of beauty, good taste, and fashionability.” Kawakubo is known for her avant-garde and unconventional designs, as well as the open interpretations each piece encourages.

GQ’s story on the exhibit commends Kawakubo and her brand Commes des Garcons for her creative take on everyday wear (such as “blazers with cutouts,” and “see-through plastic jackets”), prominent stance in streetwear, ability to sell everyday designs through secondary brands, and introduction of the Dover Street Market. All of this success has been met with silence from the designer herself, but this fact only emphasizes the work’s ability to speak for itself. “Kawakubo proves that silence can be the strongest statement of all.”

I agree that all aspects of Commes des Garcons are unconventional, yet genius. From the extraordinary designs themselves to the presence of the brand in popular media, CdG has made itself one of the most influential brands of the past 40 years. In my own experience, before I knew about any fashion brands or developed my own style, I remember seeing the iconic red heart with eyes on my favorite k-pop artists. Ever since then, my fascination with CdG has grown. CdG truly embodies our captivation with the unknown and the exploration of what beauty and fashion are.

I hope to see the exhibit in person, for it will definitely be an inspirational and otherworldly experience.

Check out the official exhibit catalogue for sale here.